Good Backpacks For College Reddit

If anyone could suggest a good looking backpack that can be useful for a college student that would be amazing. Thanks in advance!
I am currently searching for a good backpack for college. I will be carrying a minimum of 5 books in the backpack at all times in addition to a 4.
What are some good backpacks for college in terms of -Affordability -Comfort –Style -Spaciousness -Quality of Life features I just really.
Sorry if this is not the right subreddit but I'm currently looking to upgrade to a better backpack for college use, I have a swissgear one that.
I would like a balance between it being fashionable and useful at the same time, also full or partial waterproofing would be great as well. Any.
Any backpack that has a spot for a laptop really should work Swiss gear are nice and actually a good place to get a back pack is Ross I've .
Hey guys, I am doing my pre college shopping and I was looking for a backpack thy is. It's a backpack + laptop case, and is great for college.
I'm looking for a new backpack to take with me to college. I need something that can hold and protect a 15 inch laptop and that comes with .
Hey guys, I recently graduated from college and am looking to design a backpack for college students. This stems from my own need of not .
I haven't been able to find one i really like I have two bags already 1. [All black north face.